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Pedigree Analysis

Chris and the team at Lightning Bloodstock can provide in depth and informative pedigree analysis on potential auction purchases, broodmares, stallions, racing stock and hypothetical matches.

Give yourself the edge on your competitors at your next sale purchase. It's amazing how many horses we see go through the ring at huge over's, only to not make it on the track or even to the track.. Breeding and Pedigree plays a huge part in a horses future and we can help you make an informed, well planned and decisive decision on your next purchase. 

It is hard to keep up to date and constantly studying to give yourself the edge in the sales ring. But we do all the heavy lifting for you! Just like you got your X rays checked, Scope done and you've inspected your potential purchase.. why wouldn't you get a professional opinion on the pedigree as well? We could save you from disaster or better yet, help you snag an absolute bargain!

Services Include

- Sales Catalogue Lot by Lot analysis

- Individual pedigree analysis on potential sales purchase

- Stallion pedigree analysis

- Broodmare pedigree analysis

- Broodmare mating plans

- Hypothetical Matches

- Potential share purchase analysis

- Full stud mating rosters

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